Thursday April 22 2021


About Our Graduated Students

What is Rang Manch Pranam or Kathak graduation?

Rang Manch is the stage and Pranaam is the acknowledgement of the stage and audience. By performing the Rang Manch Pranaam, the student in her first solo performance demonstrates her proficiency in having learned the basics of Kathak, such as the nritta, nritya, and natya/abhinaya aspects. The Rang Manch Pranaam is the beginning of her life's involvement in this dance form.  

Please meet some of our graduated students:

Devika Chakrabarti
Roshni Bag
Shivani Bajpai
Kamna Gupta
Sharmistha Chakrabarti
Nidhi Kamalesh
Sonali Thakur
Karnika Mehrotra
Ritika Mehta
Risha Mehta
Sapna Nakshatri
Janvi Bhatia