Tuesday July 23 2024

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Welcome to our Kathak (North Indian Classical) Dance Academy website

At Nrityangan, students receive individualized, exceptional training in Kathak. The class sizes are intentionally kept small so that all students are provided with the attention that they need. The classes are fun with a right balance of rigorous training in classical dance and opportunity to learn and perform choreographies to popular and traditional melodies.

Nrityangan (NREE-TEE-UHN-GUN), a Kathak Dance Academy located in Carmel, IN was founded in 2004. Nrityangan arose from the passion of its founder and creative director Dr. Anindita Sen who has taught Kathak previously at Iowa City, IA, and Cary, NC,USA.

Nrityangan's Mission is to promote diversity and educate the community in the North Indian classical dance form of Kathak.

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